Frequently Asked Questions
I want to publish my paper. What I can do?
The authors can e-mail us their paper at or submit through form available on homepage. After successful submission, Author will get acknowledgement from the editor of the submitted document to their email within couple of hours.
After submission of my research paper, how much time required to publish my paper?
After successful submission of paper, it will take at least 5 to 10 days for review process to complete. You can see the current status of your paper 24 X 7 on website . After acceptance and requisite payment of fees, paper will published on same day.(Presently We do not charge any Kind of Publication Fee on some journals). For more details please see Publication fee on Author Home section of website
Is copyright form and publication fee required with my research paper?
Yes, a Copyright form and publication fee is necessary for publication of research paper. But author have option to email copyright form within 3 days of depositing paper. Payment of fees is also required after acceptance of research paper.
After successful publication of my paper, is any kind of change/correction possible in it?
Yes, amendment inside the body of Manuscript is permitted up to certain extent. You can send e-mail at with revised manuscript and a word file mentioning the correction done in the revised manuscript. A minor fee will be asked if there are changes in the manuscript as correction fee.
How much time and fees required for publication of revised manuscript?
Usually it takes around 5 to 10 days for any amendment.
I have not seen change in status or cannot receive any mail for last 10 days from IJRMMAE after submission of my paper.
I have not seen change in status or cannot receive any mail for last 10 days from IJRMMAE after submission of my paper. Please see your spam filter settings; it may be possible that notification sent to your mailbox is directed towards your spam. If this not the case, Please send a reminder to stating your issue.
I have not submitted copyright form along with Manuscript?
Copyright form is Required and mandate for publication of paper. you can submit it within 3 days of submitting manuscript.
Is it possible that I see my paper online?
Once your research paper is published you can see it always online.
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